Why Marble Dining Tables are an Excellent Investment for the Home

Whether you want a casual or formal dining space, one of the key features of the dining room is a dining table. Amongst all the types of dining tables out there, marble dining tables are one of the best investments you can make for your home. Here’s why.



Nature’s Masterpiece



When we talk about investment furniture pieces, it is not just about buying a highly prized item. Their value also comes from a culmination of many aspects. From this perspective, when you invest in a marble dining table, you are engaging its value in both tangible and intangible ways.

Tangibly, marble dining tables evoke a sense of permanence and timeless monumentality due to its natural characteristics. There are no other stones quite like marble. It is distinctively beautiful, and for centuries, it has been highly appraised for its unique aesthetics.

However, aesthetics aside, there is more to marble furniture than meets the eye. In terms of intangible value, marble dining tables are often a symbol of good memories and family moments. In Asian homes, large family gatherings usually congregate around the dining table. When an heirloom marble dining table is the focal point for these occasions, the memorable experiences associated with the table inadvertently imbue it with high personal value, turning the humble marble table into a priceless legacy piece over the years.   

Marble dining tables can also last more than a lifetime, especially if they are paired with bases made from long-lasting materials. Hence, they are often an heirloom piece that owners can hand down from one generation to the next.

In fact, a marble dining table’s ageless and durable qualities offer the advantage of “sustainable permanence”. With proper care, you do not need to replace the entire marble table – usually cleaning or polishing the surface would suffice. This means they effectively minimise wastage that comes from furniture replacement and thus, contribute to a more sustainable way of life.

Exquisitely Curated Selections

Ready to invest in a marble dining table? It’s important to obtain one made from high quality marble. At DeCasa, there is an extensive range of premium-quality marble dining tables available in an exciting variety of themes and patterns, beautifully crafted to meet different specifications.     

Made from natural marble stones imported from Italy, Greece, Spain and around the world, their Legacy and Timeless Classic collections bring the history and culture of marble from these global destinations into your home. If you are looking for something unique, the Exotic and Terraforma collections are perfect examples of intricate veins and distinctive colours in marbles. Exotic dazzles with its gem-like quality while Terraforma evokes wood grains, rock formations and geological landscapes found in nature. Both marble collections are excellent for dining tables that add a wow factor to homes.

At DeCasa, you can mix and match your preferred marble top with a base of choice – this gives you an even wider selection of marble dining tables. Their table bases are inspired by the best in the design world. For example, the Art Series depicts artistic legs reminiscent of works from great artists like Frida Kahlo and Henry Moore while the Architecture and Tech Series consist of bold statement-making stands that reflect the works of iconic designs. 

However, if you are still unable to find one that meets your requirements, you can customise a marble top via their made-to-order service.

While marble may be a delicate stone, it is still a sturdy and durable material. To ensure your marble tabletops are highly resilient against stains and spills, DeCasa’s unique coating permanently protects natural marble tabletops against stubborn stains. Non-toxic and safe for food handling, their coated marble furniture is the first in the world to receive the NSF® accreditation from the US, a global standard for public health and safety. With this coating, DeCasa’ marble tables can efficiently adapt to a range of uses throughout the day, which turns it into a highly versatile and valuable furniture piece for the home.

Written by: Lily

20 Apr 2022

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